The Mind, one of the most important sense organs to GOD, is the pulse that triggers our actions. Our actions places into view our deepest thoughts providing insight into the manner in which we feel about things or how we choose to engage in life experiences. Usually, expressed in our attitudes and behaviors, the spirit of our minds  can set a course into the next level of our destiny or lead us down the path to self-destruction.

     "Right Mind: Reformed in the Truth and Power of the Word of GOD": first, takes us on a testimonial journey into the devastating effects of a mind overtaken by outside opinions and perceptions. Then places us in microscopic view of  "the ultimate mind" of JESUS CHRIST, thus revealing our true mind's identity as the HEAVENLY FATHER intended.

     Created as a journal of release, intended to challenge us to face the most vulnerable and challenging parts of ourselves; Right Mind placing us in position to receive thought-altering neurological surgery by the hand of Almighty GOD. Releasing low-level thinking, such as people-pleasing, defeat, envy, jealousy and the like- allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to transform us into our "real selves" - the image GOD.

     Deep diving into the Beatitudes and Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Right Mind explores the characteristics of what it truly means to have a mind of surrender, repentance, love, humility, peace, forgiveness and more. Uninhibited, we accept the truth about who GOD says we are, divorcing the facade of our old mindset and "living freely for real" as the HEAVENLY FATHER created and intended from the beginning.


     As our minds receive the healing power of the HOLY SPIRIT we are able to see clearly and feel intimately the fingerprint of GOD's love etched into the DNA of our minds, propelling us into an elevated level of caring and compassionate thinking branded through the lens  of  CHRIST.


Darreyl Hill Hicks

As a consultant, mentor, trainer and advocate for over 20 years, Darreyl Hill Hicks passionately serves people affected by situations that pose barriers to health, wellness, and partnerships. Her mission is to use community outreach as vehicle to unify the body of CHRIST.

     As a long time student of the Word of GOD, degrees in Sociology and Human Resources, Darreyl seeks opportunities to create positive working relationships aimed at chipping away the layers of division caused by potential generational  set-backs and biases throughout our communities.


     With this said, Darreyl is on a mission to create partnerships caring for the holistic body of believers thoughout our communities.

     As evidence of His mission in her, the LORD has blessed Darreyl to become an author. Darreyl will release her first book "Right Mind: Reformed in the Truth and Power of the Word of GOD" on November 9, 2019.


This book  is a thought-life changer!

Designed for everyday people, this book will set us on a course to face the truth and elevate our thinking as we engage day-to-day life experiences in our homes, ministries, workplaces and communities.





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